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Hollywood & Football Season 1

TV Series Season
  • E!

E!'s new docu-series, "Hollywood & Football," will offer a special look into life outside of the stadium for LA's new home team, taking viewers off the gridiron and into the lives of six players for the legendary Rams. After more than 20 years in St. Louis, the pressure is on for the players to succeed as they have everything to prove in their highly anticipated first season back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, their wives and fiancés have to start from scratch in making friends, finding schools, and navigating life in the limelight. From the hilarious adventures and misadventures that come with being plucked from St. Louis and placed among the rolling Hollywood hills, to the Midwestern-valued families nervous about being so close to the temptations of fame, "Hollywood & Football" will show the struggles and laughs that come along with being the new celebrity on the block when the series premieres Wednesday, November 30 at 9 PM ET/PT on E!


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Hollywood & Football Season 1 release date for E! November 30, 2016 2 Months Ago

Release Dates

Hollywood & Football Season 1 was released on E! 82d ago in the US.
November 30, 2016Confirmed
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