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Hollywood 911 Season 1

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  • Reelz

Hollywood 911 presents a first-person perspective on celebrities' most dangerous and outrageous moments as heard through 911 calls. Hollywood 911 includes the actual emergency calls made by Sandra Bullock during a terrifying home invasion, Justin Bieber as paparazzi pursued him at high speed on a freeway and Lindsay Lohan's wild call as she confronted workers at the Betty Ford clinic when she tried to re-enter after escaping. In the June 11 premiere episode hear the real 911 call from Shia Lebeouf as he confronts a stalker inside his home and also hear the frantic emergency calls for incidents involving Whitney Houston and Lamar Odom. Hollywood 911 is produced by Conveyor Media.


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Hollywood 911 Season 1 release date for Reelz June 11, 2016 8 Months Ago

Release Dates

Hollywood 911 Season 1 was released on Reelz 256d ago in the US.
June 11, 2016Confirmed
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