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Hardship (Jean Johnson)

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It began with a terrible vision of the future. Compelled by her precognitive abilities, Ia must somehow save her home galaxy long after she’s gone. Now Jean Johnson presents the long-awaited epic conclusion to her national bestselling military science fiction series… Demoralized, their ship destroyed, Ia’s Damned must fight their way out of a planet-bound blockade and back into space. But there is more happening here on Dabin than meets even Ia’s inner eye. Some of the Feyori, energy-based beings of vast power and arrogance, are moving to block her efforts under the direction of her counter-faction foe, Miklinn. The Terran Army Division stationed on Dabin is not cooperating with her battle plans. Events are not happening as Ia has foreseen, and too many people are now in grave danger, thanks to alien Meddling. All these hardships are threatening to derail Ia’s carefully laid plans. The Meddlers, however, have made one fatal mistake: They’re just making Bloody Mary mad.


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Hardship (Jean Johnson) release date July 29, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Hardship (Jean Johnson) was released 893d ago in the UK and the US.
July 29, 2014Confirmed
July 29, 2014Confirmed
July 29, 2014Confirmed
September 18, 2014Confirmed
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