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HAND Stylus Release Date

The stylus HAND Stylus is already released on Standard in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
August 2012Confirmed
August 2012Confirmed
HAND Stylus cover art
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HAND Stylus


A finely crafted, pen-like stylus featuring the world's smallest (4mm) retracting, rotating, replaceable tip. The slim tip is retractable, a feature found on no other rubber-tipped stylus. The exceptionally small tip provides superior precision, is easy to replace, and lasts longer than fixed tips because it rotates slightly each time it's retracted, so it wears more evenly. Again, a feature no other stylus offers. The HAND Stylus is nicely balanced, has a knurled collar for fine fingertip control, and has a removable, stainless-steel pocket clip that magnetically holds the stylus in place on an iPad's Smart Cover. The hexagonal barrel of the HAND Stylus fits comfortably in your hand like a classic, six-sided, yellow pencil. The barrel is made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and comes in an array of gloss and matte colors that can be laser engraved. An engraved HAND Stylus makes a thoughtful gift or memorable advertising specialty item. Plus the pocket clip is removable.

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