Hacktivist Season 1

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  • The CW

Hacktivist tells the story of Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox, two twenty-something best friends and co-founders of the most important social networking company in the world, who are recruited to work secretly for the CIA to bring about global social change. Using their fame and access as cover, and their technical prowess as a tool, Nate & Ed pull off risky missions, both foreign and domestic. But the arrangement is not without perils — Nate & Ed's thirst for information freedom runs deep, begging the question, can the CIA trust them? And, more importantly, can Nate & Ed trust the CIA?


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Hacktivist Season 1 release date for The CW 2017 This Year

Release Dates

The upcoming Hacktivist Season 1 The CW release date is 2017 in the US.
The CW
The CW
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