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Glitch Season 2

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James Hayes is a small town police man who is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night after six people have inexplicably risen from the dead in perfect health. With no memory of their identities, they are determined to discover who they are and what has happened to them. James recognises one of them and along with local doctor Elishia Glass, struggles to keep the case hidden from his colleagues, his family and the world. The six people are all linked in some way and the search begins for someone who knows the truth about how and why they have returned.

Glitch Season 2 release date for Netflix November 28, 2017 10 Months Ago (US)
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Glitch Season 2 was released on Netflix 326d ago in the US and the UK.
November 28, 2017Confirmed
November 28, 2017Confirmed

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