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Game Developerz Release Date

The boardgame Game Developerz is already released on Kickstarter Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
Kickstarter Edition
Q4 2014Rumored
Kickstarter Edition
Q4 2014Rumored
Game Developerz cover art
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Game Developerz


Game Developerz gives you the chance to build up your own studio and Company Cards represent the publisher your studio will be working for. They all have a special ability and they will provide you the Coinz you need to keep your business going. You will have to hire your own Staff in order to compose a solid Team. Staff Cards represent the people you can hire in your Team in order to complete your game. There are four Skills they can master: Game Design(GD), Art(ART), Programming(CODE) and Marketing(MKT). The sum of these Skills allows your studio to complete Features and develop a game. Some Staff cards might also have special abilities that you can use in your advantage. Business Development is something crucial if you want to be able to release your game, learn how to use your assets properly and how to manage your studio. Business Development Cards will do the dirty job for you! Finally you will be able to create the game you always dreamed of …Well.. Almost..!

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