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Galaxy Defenders - Extinction Protocol

  • First Edition

In Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol, an expansion for Galaxy Defenders, the agents head to the home planet of the invaders to fight the final battle to save the Galaxy from extinction. Armed with a new generation of weapons and wearing awesome Power Armor, the agents are prepared to fight the worst enemy they have ever faced. In Extinction Protocol, the journey through the six missions begins as the Agents reach the Alien planet. To fight their enemy, they must enter into a darkness made of caves and corridors, across underground lakes, through alien temples, and face the ultimate challenge in the terrible Queen’s chamber. Expands Galaxy Defenders:


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Galaxy Defenders - Extinction Protocol release date expected February 2015 24 Months Ago

Release Dates

Galaxy Defenders - Extinction Protocol was released 728d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
February 2015Expected
First Edition
February 2015Expected
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