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Forever Forest is a unique blend of exploration, survival, action and role-playing, set in a beautiful, organic environment. You slip into the role of a friendly forest creature, who is drawn into a great adventure after discovering a magical mask. You set forth on a journey to carry the last ray of light across stony deserts, treacherous swamps and poisonous lakes to illuminate a world covered in darkness. Use your wits and skill to sustain yourself on colorful fruits and critters, hunt and be hunted by powerful beasts and permanently evolve by absorbing the abilities of your enemies into your mask.

Forever Forest release date for Switch November 23, 2018 2 Weeks Ago (US)
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Release Dates

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Forever Forest was released on Switch 17d ago in the US and the UK.
November 23, 2018Confirmed
November 23, 2018Confirmed
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