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FORD Consul/Granada US Release Date

The classic car FORD Consul/Granada upcoming Saloon release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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FORD Consul/Granada cover art

FORD Consul/Granada

Classic Car

Forever immortalised by The Sweeney, the 1972-77 Consul and Granada series was Ford’s return to reality after the excesses of the previous Zephyr/Zodiac range. The Consuls served as the entry level models – with 1996cc V4 and 2495cc of 2994cc V6 engines – while the Granadas were the better-equipped and more expensive choice. Ford’s recent purchase of Italian coachbuilder Ghia resulted in the luxurious Granada Ghia in 1974, soon joined by the Ghia Coupé. Consuls were discontinued in 1975 after which more basic Granadas filled the void.

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