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FORD Capri Mk I 3000 Release Date

The classic car FORD Capri Mk I 3000 upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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FORD Capri Mk I 3000 cover art

FORD Capri Mk I 3000

Classic Car

The big daddies of the mainstream MkI Capri range were the 3000 models, available as the performance-orientated 3000GT, the more luxury-focussed 3000E and (from 1972) the flagship 3000GXL. Trumpeted as Ford’s fastest ever production line cars, with a maximum velocity around the 120mph mark, these big bruisers of the Capri world could be distinguished by their bonnet bulges... at least until the smaller-engined models also adopted these posing pouches in 1972 (even though they had nothing to fill them).

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