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Fit to Fat to Fit Season 1

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A&E Network presents a groundbreaking new series that follows personal fitness trainers from across the country as they undertake the most extreme weight-loss experiment ever: by forcing themselves to gain weight, they aim to better understand the struggles of their obese clients as they lose the weight together. In 2012, professional fitness trainer Drew Manning saw that there was a disconnect between him and his out of shape clients. They claimed he couldn't understand what they were going through. So he purposely gained 75 pounds to understand the struggle to lose it. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done, but it changed his life forever. A&E's new docuseries "Fit to Fat to Fit" follows 10 trainers at the top of their game who will embark on Drew's challenge; agreeing to intentionally pack on the pounds by indulging in an unhealthy diet and completely refraining from exercise in order to transform from fit to fat.

Fit to Fat to Fit Season 1 release date for A&E January 19, 2016 2 Years Ago (US)
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Fit to Fat to Fit Season 1 was released on A&E 882d ago in the US.
January 19, 2016Confirmed

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