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Fireteam Zero - Europe Cycle Expansion Release Date

The boardgame Fireteam Zero - Europe Cycle Expansion is already released on First Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
First Edition
October 2014Expected
First Edition
October 2014Expected
Fireteam Zero - Europe Cycle Expansion cover art
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Fireteam Zero - Europe Cycle Expansion


Fireteam Zero: The Europe Cycle, the first expansion for Fireteam Zero, lets you face the Bloodless in the Old Country! Who are the Bloodless, you ask? An entirely new monster family made up of eight Spore Children, three Saprophyte Soldiers, and the towering boss figure Black Tooth, which is over 60mm tall. This expansion also lets you enhance your specialist with his own deck of cards, unleashing fantastic new abilities. The specialist decks have been designed to work seamlessly with the core set and all other expansions. Fireteam Zero: The Europe Cycle includes four double-sided map tiles with new terrain as well as new locations and adventures, namely "The Battle of Lost Children", "Lightning Hunt" and "The Last Road". Expands Fireteam Zero: http://dis.releases.com/?q=2c89c243-1de0-4c30-bedc-bb91d4d2b8c0

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