FIAT 600

Classic Car
  • Hatchback

No, this wasn’t merely a big-engined version of the Fiat 500. Though they share a strong family resemblance, the 600 was launched first and has the benefit of a water-cooled four-cylinder engine. That started out at 633cc, but grew to 767cc for 1960’s revamped Fiat 600D. Being a direct competitor to the Mini spoiled things for the 600 in the UK, but there’s a school of thought that says it’s a better bet than the smaller, less practical 500. And you may never tire of telling people that this was the best selling car of the 1960s... in Argentina.


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FIAT 600 release date TBA

Release Dates

The FIAT 600 release date is to be announced on Hatchback.
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