FIAT 132/Argenta

Classic Car
  • Saloon

Italy’s reputation for being unable to build good big cars was founded by the 132. It should have had the world at its feet thanks to eager engines, five-speed ‘boxes, crisp styling and decades of sporting saloon experience. But thanks to uninspiring road manners and a distinct lack of showroom appeal, the 132 remains less than the sum of its parts. Only offered in the UK in more luxurious versions, we were spared the 1.6-litre base version that sold well in Italy. Twin-cam quad-headlamp version was no 5-Series beater, but black Bellini special edition still looks good.


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FIAT 132/Argenta release date TBA

Release Dates

The FIAT 132/Argenta release date is to be announced on Saloon.
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