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Fiat 124 Spider Release Date

The classic car Fiat 124 Spider upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Fiat 124 Spider cover art

Fiat 124 Spider

Classic Car

Pininfarina designed and built the bodies for these pretty sports cars, using any number of Ferrari styling cues and Fiat’s excellent twin-cam engines. All are left-hand drive and around 85% of them were sold in America, although upwards of 1500 have since been imported to the UK. As with the 124 Coupé the first and last cars are most popular with collectors, pre-1975 cars having lower suspension and prettier slimline bumpers, 1979-on Spiders got Bosch fuel-injected two-litre engines. From 1982-85 complete production passed to Pininfarina.

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