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Eradicate: Book 3 of the Alien Cadets Release Date

The book Eradicate: Book 3 of the Alien Cadets is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
December 20, 2014Confirmed
December 20, 2014Confirmed
Eradicate: Book 3 of the Alien Cadets cover art
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Eradicate: Book 3 of the Alien Cadets


In the thrilling conclusion to the Alien Cadet series, the girl-turned-computer Akemi is trapped at Faal's secure planetary estate, helpless to escape no matter what he may require of her. And as Faal has begun a sanctioned genocide, watched by an amused and generally appreciative galaxy, his requirements are not exactly harmless. Akemi's sister, Nat, along with Claire, Basher, and Sam, are each determined to rescue Akemi, and if possible, to halt the extermination. But to defeat Faal, they must find allies among his other enemies, who are at least as dangerous as he is. While Sam and Nat lure Faal to an ancient palace with this dubious help, Basher and Claire plan to infiltrate his estate to retrieve Akemi. But there are few game players as accomplished as Faal, and he always seems one step ahead...

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