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  • First Edition

Elysium is a game of set collecting and combinations in which players recruit cards representing heroes, items, powers and gods. These cards have many different powers and you can create powerful combination to earn gold (the help of the gods) and victory points (the favor of the gods). Each card belongs to one of the eight Olympians gods (a Domain), and shows a power according to its rank (1 to 3). During the five turns of the game, players will try to transfer their cards to the Elysium and write their own Legends, which are series of cards from the same domain or from different domains of the same rank. The more epic the Legends, the more favor from the gods they’ll earn. But as they go to Elysium, most cards lose their power and players will therefore have to renounce some of their combinations ! A game of balance and opportunity with simple action, but constant dilemmas and complex strategies.


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Elysium release date expected Q1 2015 23 Months Ago

Release Dates

Elysium was released 691d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
Q1 2015Expected
First Edition
Q1 2015Expected
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