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This cooperative game for 1-4 players delivers all the wonder, passion, danger, compassion and betrayal of the original best-selling series. It features the breathtaking artwork of Wendy Pini interwoven with the imaginative game design of Layman Kingsford. You will stretch your gaming and social skills as you interact with the extraordinary realm of Elfquest as you've never seen it before! Each scenario pulls directly from 35+ years of Richard & Wendy Pini's epic saga of comics and graphic novels. Sometimes your tribe will have to fight humans, negotiate with new elf tribes, travel across snow-laden mountains, mate to increase your tribe's numbers, hunt and harvest to keep everyone fed or craft new items to help in your journey. There are a limited number of seasons during which you need to complete each scenario card. If you fail to do so, every member of your tribe loses resources (cards, tokens and cubes). If ever a character runs out of cubes, they are killed and removed from the game.

ElfQuest Adventure Game release date expected Q4 2014 4 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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ElfQuest Adventure Game was released 1543d ago in the US and the UK.
First Base Set Edition
Q4 2014Expected
First Base Set Edition
Q4 2014Expected
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