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Today, less than 15% of the land surface of our planet remains as untouched wilderness. Eden (w/t) will travel to six different and spectacular areas around the world, exploring the wildlife, untamed beauty, and fragility of these last, untouched and irreplaceable places on Earth. The series will spend a year in these extraordinary wildernesses, following the iconic animals that not only live there, but whose stories reveal the inner workings of each precious paradise. In each episode, we travel to a new part of the world to explore one of these hidden Edens - from tangled forest to bleached-bone desert, towering peaks to teeming reefs - each with a secret that unravels to explain its extraordinary riches.

Eden Season 1 release date for BBC Ameria 2020 This Year (US)
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The upcoming Eden Season 1 BBC Ameria release date is 2020 in the US.
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