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Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest Kickstarter Edition Release Date

The boardgame Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest is already released on Kickstarter Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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Kickstarter Edition
Kickstarter Edition
Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest cover art
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Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest


Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest is a 2-5 player game with 2 sides: one is the dungeon full of dangerous beasties, and the other is a party of adventuring heroes. The dungeon is always played by one person, but the adventurers can be divided between different players to accommodate up to 5 players in total. During the game the heroes team up to tackle the dungeon and do heroic things. The player controlling the dungeon full of monsters does their best to stop them. The game is played on a map that is built out of tiles, as before, and like before the games follow a series of narratively linked scenarios or adventures. The rules build on the previous editions of "Dwarf King's Hold" with a new layer of even tougher characters on top of those we have met before: heroes. These come in several flavors, with some on each side. Note that “Hero” does not always mean “good guy”. There may be some backstabbing elements introduced, to help spice up the typical cooperative game. Each player may have a secret agenda or goal, and his winning may therefore not always work out so well for everyone else...

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