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Dr. Feelgood Season 1

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  • Reelz

We trust doctors with our lives. They heal us when we're ill and guide us on a path toward healthy living. In Hollywood being famous doesn't make you immune to sickness so what happens when the person celebrities entrust with their well-being uses that power to seek fame, make big bucks or execute something far more sinister? Reelz original series "Dr. Feelgood" examines the terrible true stories of physicians whose practice led to controversy, mystery and tragedy for their notable clients. Each one-hour episode delves into one celebrity's search for happiness through physical enhancement, weight loss or performance booster and the prolonged debate that followed. Can doctors in the immediate orbit of celebrities remain objective and clear-headed in their diagnoses and treatments? And where does the responsibility lie: with the client who wanted and took the drugs - or the expert who prescribed them?


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Dr. Feelgood Season 1 release date for Reelz November 28, 2015 15 Months Ago

Release Dates

Dr. Feelgood Season 1 was released on Reelz 450d ago in the US.
November 28, 2015Confirmed

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