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Dino Ranch Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Dino Ranch Season 1 is already released on Disney Junior in the USA. The upcoming Disney Junior release date in the UK is to be announced.

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January 18, 2021Confirmed
Disney Junior
Dino Ranch Season 1 cover art
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Dino Ranch Season 1

TV Series Season

Filled with adventure and life-long friendships, the new preschool series "Dino Ranch" will make its U.S. debut January 18, 2021, on Disney Junior and in DisneyNOW. The animated series, produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker Studios, follows the Cassidy family as they tackle life in a fantastical, "pre-westoric" setting where dinosaurs roam. As the young explorers learn the ropes, they discover the thrill of ranch life while navigating the great outdoors through unpredictable challenges. In addition to an irresistible blend of dinosaurs and ranchers, the series has four key themes at its core and celebrates outdoor fun, embraces nurturing and friendship, demonstrates the strength of teamwork and personal growth, and promotes the importance of family and community. The sun rises. A Pterodactyl crows. Dinosaurs roar ... and a dedicated family of dinosaur-riding Dino Ranchers hits the saddles to race off for another day of fun-filled, free-range roping 'n' riding, dinosaur-driven fun!

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