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The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project! We set out to build a little brother to the wonderful Arduino line of development boards - we were tired of leaving our valuable Arduino's behind in projects, or worse, ripping apart old projects to build new ones! We also felt the Arduino was too big and powerful for many projects where we only needed a few pins, or an SPI or I2C bus. And so the Digispark was born! To us, the best things about the Arduino is the community, the easy of use, and the IDE - by making the Digispark an Arduino compatible development board all of those remain common. Plug it in, power your project with USB or external sources, program it with the Arduino IDE, and easily use existing Arduino code! But with its small size and low cost you can feel free to leave it in your project, give one to a friend, and use them everywhere!


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Digispark release date September 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Digispark was released 878d ago in the US and the UK.
Digispark Pro
September 2014Confirmed
January 2013Confirmed
Digispark Pro
September 2014Confirmed
January 2013Confirmed
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