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Deadly Dentists Miniseries

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Imagine a world where your largely irrational fears of going to the dentist find basis in truth, but in ways you never expected. Investigation Discovery's (ID) newest series DEADLY DENTISTS tells the true stories of dentists involved in murder, giving us reason to acknowledge our fears about sitting in that dreaded chair while sharp metal objects get a little too close for comfort. Full of twists and turns, these stories of murder feature rotten characters in an industry full of money and meds, where corruption is commonplace. It's hard to distinguish those who are honorable from the deeply distrustful when every smile is full of pearly whites. When you drill down, you reveal the decay rotting the roots of everything it touches.

Deadly Dentists Miniseries release date for Investigation Discovery November 24, 2017 2 Years Ago (US)
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Deadly Dentists Miniseries was released on Investigation Discovery 786d ago in the US.
Investigation Discovery
November 24, 2017Confirmed
Investigation Discovery

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