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DE TOMASO Longchamps Release Date

The classic car DE TOMASO Longchamps upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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DE TOMASO Longchamps cover art

DE TOMASO Longchamps

Classic Car

Having failed with the Deauville, De Tomaso went and repeated the concept with its Longchamp. Again, it was a case of producing an Italian version of another manufacturer’s car – this time, the Mercedes-Benz 450SLC – going down the same road to do so. Again, sales were non-existent, mainly because there was simply no demand, and the quality just wasn’t there. Once De Tomaso took a controlling interest in Maserati, it tried again with the car, rebadging it the Kyalami, but was met with similar apathy from buyers.

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