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Da Vinci's Art of War

  • iOS

In Da Vinci’s Art of War on iPad, the players will join a faction and fight their way to conquer European provinces. They will be confronted with tough AI opponents that will adopt various behaviors and strategies so that every game is very different. As they earn Victory Points, they will have to take economic and military decisions and invest in Da Vinci’s technologies to boost their armies and territory production levels. Inspired by the famous boardgame Magnifico, Da Vinci’s Art of War has been especially designed for tablets. Players can move units, build defense structures and develop dreadful war machines simply and easily. However, only the best tacticians will be able to adapt to this new European context and bet on the inventions that really make the difference!


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Da Vinci's Art of War release date for iOS March 7, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Da Vinci's Art of War was released on iOS 1085d ago in the US and the UK.
March 7, 2014Confirmed
March 7, 2014Confirmed
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