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Coffee Shop

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The Movie tells the story of Donavan, an attractive, intelligent woman in her late 20's who once had it all -- a successful coffee shop in a quaint, beautiful beach town, a perfect boyfriend with "happily ever after" on the horizon, and a host of quirky friends to fill her life with laughter and fun. When it all begins to unravel and she is thrust back into the dating world while her coffee shop sits on the edge of ruin, an unexpected new love interest (BEN) forces her to come face to face with the truth that her identity and value is not defined by what she can accomplish alone, but instead, in accepting who she was made to be and what she and her community can accomplish together.


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Coffee Shop release date for Cinemaexpected November 12, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Coffee Shop was released on Cinema 835d ago in the US.
November 12, 2014Expected
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