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Cobblebot 3D Printer Release Date

The printer Cobblebot 3D Printer is already released on Standard in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
January 2015Expected
January 2015Expected
Cobblebot 3D Printer cover art
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Cobblebot 3D Printer


Whether you are looking to put your creativity to work and bring your ideas to life or to start a business, Cobblebot can help you get there. Our large build area (15" x 15" x 15"), fast print speeds (150mm - 250mm / sec), and low cost ($299) makes Cobblebot a market changing consumer 3D printer that can be used for business or personal use. One of the unique things about Cobblebot is that it has a completely stationary print area - you heard it, the print bed doesn't move - not up and down, not forward and backwards - it just sits there and provides a solid stable building platform. We have found that this stationary printing bed has reduced the issues of non-sticking prints significantly. To do this Cobblebot was designed in a unique way in that all of its axes are connected. The "Z" Axis holds the "X" Axis and the "X" axis holds the "Y" axis. This print literally builds straight up with all axes connected.

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