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Club Life

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Handsome but frustrated JOHNNY DADON is distraught when his father, a chain-smoking limo driver without insurance or savings, is felled by a stroke. Anxious to escape his nowhere life in Brooklyn and make something of himself, Johnny is hired by Mark, a promoter on the Manhattan club scene who makes him his protégé. Johnny has a knack for filling hot new venues with the most beautiful women in the world, and although his new job causes a breakup with his long-time love, TANYA, the cash he's making hand over fist helps defray his family's mounting medical expenses. However, when Johnny falls out with Mark and decides to branch out on his own, he may find himself the object of an ugly vendetta -- unless he can outwit and outsmart his former partner and create the most spectacular underground club that Manhattan has ever seen...


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Club Life release date for Cinema May 29, 2015 21 Months Ago

Release Dates

Club Life was released on Cinema 642d ago in the US.
May 29, 2015Confirmed
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