Switch 4 Years Ago November 16, 2018 us

Circle of Sumo US Release Date

The game Circle of Sumo is already released on Switch in the USA.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
November 16, 2018Confirmed
Circle of Sumo cover art


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Circle of Sumo


Circle of Sumo is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer, with dozens of different arenas where players alone or in teams, fight for supremacy of the ring in an intense challenge of power, precision, reflexes and cunning. But Sumo is just a starting point: the basic mechanics of the game have been explored in order to make Circle Of Sumo a real mini-games box, a sort of kaleidoscope of playable pills with a joyful and inclusive soul, while keeping its purely competitive aspects, such as controllers precision and characters’ statistics.

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