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Chasing The Wall

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In a dreamy and illustrious future-The truth is hidden. Carter Duchovny, is a brilliant student of propaganda, and a puppet to a plutocratic war machine. He is taken under the wing of the CEO of Alphadox, Derrick Whitall. He is engaged to his boss’s daughter Amy, and for a brief while Carter believed to be in love with Amy; however, she ends up fighting for his affections after a series of narcotic crazed affairs. Mr. Whitall was unable to have a son, and he frequently makes decisions for Carter through Amy. Carter is given complete control of the animal feed divisions of Alphadox, as part of his executive duties. He found out fast after polishing school, just how much work an executive actually did. While the rich elitist are enjoying the luxuries of life, the middle class and low class workers are at the mercy of President Than. Like his name sake, President Than is brilliant at killing people. Mr. Whitall owns all the food, animal feed, and seed.


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Chasing The Wall release date November 20, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Chasing The Wall was released 828d ago in the US and the UK.
November 20, 2014Confirmed
November 20, 2014Confirmed
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