Carcassonne: Hills & Sheep

  • First Edition

Carcassonne: Hills & Sheep is the ninth numbered expansion for the Carcassonne base game, and now players get to be shepherds on the hills in addition to the usual thieves, knights, monks and farmers. By placing the tiles in this expansion, players build hills and vineyards, trying to plan ahead to claim the sweetest meadows for points — bringing sheep and shepherds while keeping watch for the wolf that waits to be drawn among the tiles...


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Carcassonne: Hills & Sheep release date July 9, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Carcassonne: Hills & Sheep was released 958d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
July 9, 2014Confirmed
First Edition
July 9, 2014Confirmed
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