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Can't Catch Me, Olivia!


Now you've done pushed Olivia a little too far! Move Olivia around a self destructing grid of 5x5 cards and have her catch your opponents before they have her catch you! Survive three rounds of play to be the winner! Players draw cards not from a deck, but from a board that Olivia starts the game in the middle of. Players can then move Olivia around the board by swapping her card with other cards. The board gets progressively smaller as the game goes on, a mechanic you need to use to your advantage to knock out other players or end rounds while you're ahead on points. Drawn cards allow you to move Olivia, discard cards from the board, secretly swap the card in your hand with one on the board, and, eventually, have Olivia catch other players who are not protected by any cards between them and her! Every round the cards that are available change, so your strategy can switch between heavy offense, strategic card removals, and unofficial alliances with other players to knock out those who are further ahead. If two or more players survive the round, the values of their discarded cards determine the winner.

Can't Catch Me, Olivia! release date expected August 23, 2014 6 Years Ago (US)

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Can't Catch Me, Olivia! was released 2256d ago in the US and the UK.
First Edition
August 23, 2014Expected
First Edition
August 23, 2014Expected
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