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Camp Takota Release Date

The movie Camp Takota is already released on Internet in the USA. The upcoming Internet release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
February 14, 2014Confirmed
Camp Takota cover art
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Camp Takota


Elise Miller had the perfect job, the perfect fiancé, and the perfect city life, until the day it all came crashing down. Forced to quickly leave it all behind, she heads to the only place that will take her in – her old summer camp. Once at Camp Takota, Elise reunites with her long-lost bunkmates, Maxine and Allison, who are now helping run the place. Suddenly, Elise is the world’s most unlikely counselor. Elise now finds herself immersed in a life of bug bites and nature hikes, a far cry from her sophisticated city life. As the summer grows longer, it seems a steady diet of s’mores and camp friendships just might be the right things to get her life and priorities back on track – that is, until Takota’s future is put in jeopardy by an old nemesis. Can the girls band together one more time to try and save the camp, and themselves in the process?

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