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Bypass Release Date

The movie Bypass is already released on Cinema in the UK. The upcoming Cinema release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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August 2014Expected
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BYPASS shows in graphic detail the life of Tim. His habits, his hustle, his family, his responsibilities, his conflicts, his hopes, his fears, his character, his existence. Through this we understand his present, and his past—and we consider his future. Tim’s innate morals are in contradiction to the world he inhabits. He is an innocent in a guilty environment, born into a closed loop. The estate on which he lives is its own universe. The masters of this universe are those who wield intimidation as a tool. Like any authority, they have organised to administer it. To survive, to provide for his dependents, Tim can only work to the imperatives that govern life here. A person of good moral character thus commits acts that are illegal, that are morally ambiguous. And he does so consciously. And there is a burden in that consciousness.

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