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Breeders explores the paradox that every parent knows but never admits: you would willingly die for your children, but quite often you also want to kill them. Paul and Ally are juggling full-time careers, aging parents, a mortgage, upheavals in their relationship and the unenviable curveballs of parenting their young children, Luke and Ava. When Ally's estranged father Michael appears on their doorstep, the family essentially takes on a third child — but this one comes with baggage and opinions. Paul's own parents, Jackie and Jim, are on hand to help out, but their generation does parenting a little differently…

Breeders Season 2 release date for FXexpected Q1 2021 10 Months Left (US)
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The upcoming Breeders Season 2 FX release date is expected to be Q1 2021 in the US.
Q1 2021Expected
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