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Siem Sigerius is a beloved professor of mathematics with a bright future in politics. His beautiful family - step-daughters Joni and Janis, loving wife Tineke - and his carefully appointed home in the bucolic countryside of the Netherlands complete the portrait of a comfortable and morally upright liberal family. Joni's new boyfriend Aaron is star struck when he is first introduced to his hopeful future in-laws, but he is soon welcomed into the family as one of their own. But there are elements of Siem's past - including a son from a previous marriage with a dangerously violent history - that threaten to upset the perfect balance of success and happiness that the family as achieved. And Siem's own weaknesses lead him to make a discovery that reveals deception even closer to home than he realized. When a shocking explosion at a local factory coincides with Siem's son's reappearance, the Sigerius family begins to fracture, rapidly, and perhaps irrevocably.


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Bonita Avenue release date April 10, 2014 2 Years Ago

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Bonita Avenue was released 768d ago in the UK and the NO.
April 10, 2014Confirmed
January 13, 2015Confirmed
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