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BMW 3-series Baur Cabriolet Release Date

The classic car BMW 3-series Baur Cabriolet upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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BMW 3-series Baur Cabriolet cover art

BMW 3-series Baur Cabriolet

Classic Car

The BMW 3-Series was another landmark car for BMW – as it took the best bits of the ‘02 Series and refined them for the 1970s. Huge sales success followed, while the numbers 325 become something of a legend. The Baur cabriolet, introduced in 1979 further extended the appeal of the range, even if its bulky roll-over bar marred the open air feel. But there were positive benefits – it felt solid, and had ample crash protection. Sales were slow, though, no doubt because of the high price. Rare today, after many examples fell prey to the effects of rust.

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