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Bells and Smells (Andrea Frazer)

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Reverend Florrie Feldman suffered a baptism of fire in her first parish. She has left the unpleasantness behind and made a fresh start in the sleepy little village of Ford Hollow, a community at peace – on the surface. She soon finds the usual rivalries within her congregation: members jostling for what they see as their places in the parish hierarchy, with much petty jealousy and clashing egos. There is also a deep undercurrent of resentment towards a company which plans to build a new housing estate, altering the ancient landscape irrevocably. Things are bound to come to a head, and sooner rather than later … Shortly after Rev. Florrie takes over the parish reins, a young church chorister comes across the choir’s oldest member sat, not practicing, but dead as a doornail, his neck broken. Enter Detective Inspector Harry Falconer and Detective Sergeant ‘Davey’ Carmichael! With accusations of dirty deals, nefarious businessmen, and crooked committees, the atmosphere in the village becomes tense and hostile – and then there is another murder …


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Bells and Smells (Andrea Frazer) release date expected October 16, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Bells and Smells (Andrea Frazer) was released 864d ago in the US and the UK.
August 21, 2014Confirmed
October 16, 2014Expected
August 21, 2014Confirmed
October 16, 2014Expected
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