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Bachelorette Weekend Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Bachelorette Weekend Season 1 is already released on CMT in the USA. The upcoming CMT release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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August 2, 2018Confirmed
Bachelorette Weekend Season 1 cover art


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Bachelorette Weekend Season 1

TV Series Season

With Nashville quickly becoming the leading destination for bachelorette parties, "Bachelorette Weekend," premiering Thursday, August 2 at 11pm ET/PT follows the staff of Bach Weekend, a Nashville-based company specializing in creating once-in-a-lifetime bachelor/bachelorette experiences for would-be brides and grooms celebrating their final fling before the ring. Owner/Founder Robbie and his team - Nicole, Rosa, Liz, Rachal and Johnathan - work tirelessly to ensure their high-maintenance (and often inebriated) clients have a flawless experience, all in hopes of getting a five-star review from the clients. Since every employee is given a financial stake in the company, the importance of the five-star reviews directly affects their bank accounts. Pulling your weight has never been so important.
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