Reelz 4 Years Ago February 11, 2018 us

Autopsy: The Last Hours of.. Season 9 Release Date

The tv series season Autopsy: The Last Hours of.. Season 9 is already released on Reelz in the USA. The upcoming Reelz release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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February 11, 2018Confirmed
Autopsy: The Last Hours of.. Season 9 cover art
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Autopsy: The Last Hours of.. Season 9

TV Series Season

Every episode of this documentary series reveals the truth behind the controversial and mysterious deaths of celebrities and people whose untimely deaths were often surrounded by elements of shock, scandal and intense media attention. The new hour-long episodes focus on the lives and last hours of James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Muhammad Ali, Miles Davis, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Andy Warhol, Cass Elliot aka "Mama Cass", Andy Kaufman, Farrah Fawcett, Mindy McCready, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, George Michael, Gram Parsons, Barry White, Mary Tyler Moore and James Gandolfini. The series features reconstructions of their final hours based on crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsies while interviews with friends, family and experts shed light on the events that led to the celebrity's death - finally putting an end to the mystery.

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