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Austin A30/35 Countryman UK Release Date

The classic car Austin A30/35 Countryman upcoming Estate release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Austin A30/35 Countryman cover art

Austin A30/35 Countryman

Classic Car

Introduced in September 1954 - so you won’t find many A30 versions - the Countryman is a tiny estate created by fitting rear seats, a full headlining and two-piece sliding rear side windows to the A30 van. Many vans have since been converted to look like a Countryman (an okay alternative, but don’t pay the Countryman premium for one of these). As a giveaway, many conversions use fixed side windows and fail to remove the van’s vent roof. Also, only the A30 and early A35 versions have van-style indent pressings in the doors. Main image: Magic Car Pics

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