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Atlantis: Season Two Part Two

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The unmissable series returns and the time has come for Jason to fulfill his destiny - or Atlantis will be lost beneath the waves forever. A year has passed and much has changed. With Minos dead, Ariadne is Queen and finds herself at war with her old adversary: Pasiphae. The kingdom stands on the brink of collapse and the struggle for power is both bloody and brutal. With the future looking bleak, Ariadne turns to her most trusted friends for support and so Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras are thrust to the very heart of politics and power in the city. As the battle for the throne intensifies loyalties are tested to the limit and the responsibilities of duty become increasingly unforgiving. These difficult times require hard choices for all as secrets and lies become the currency of choice and no one is immune to betrayal. Strikingly cinematic with ambitious production values and an impressive international cast, Series 2 merges the myths and legends of classical Greek literature to create a unique and intriguing blend of high fantasy drama and gripping action adventure.


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Atlantis: Season Two Part Two release date August 18, 2015 18 Months Ago

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Atlantis: Season Two Part Two was released 558d ago in the US.
August 18, 2015Confirmed
August 18, 2015Confirmed
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