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Armored: The Art of War

  • Kickstarter Edition

Armored: The Art of War is a card game based on accurate US Army doctrine. All aspects of military decision making processes will be encompassed; combat troops to medics, logistics and even finance will add intricate layers to the game for advanced players and quick combat bonuses described in detail for beginners. With smooth game play and tactical decision making, you will enter the world of the military commander. Even with its military structure, Armored will appeal to all those who have no military experience and just enjoy card games. Whether you enjoy creating multiple decks, each with their own playing style or just having your primary deck that dominates your opponents - Armored will engage you. From the beginning steps of creating your deck and identifying your playing style to the actual battle, all your favorite card game experiences are still there.


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Armored: The Art of War release date expected January 30, 2014 3 Years Ago

Release Dates

Armored: The Art of War was released 1119d ago in the US.
Kickstarter Edition
January 30, 2014Expected
Kickstarter Edition
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