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Appointment With F.E.A.R.

  • PC

As Titan City’s courageous and incorruptible champion of law and order, use your super powers to protect its innocent citizens from the danger and deviousness of a host of super-villains bent on taking over the world! Travel back to the 1980s as a superpowered defender of justice in this all-new edition of Steve Jackson's Appointment With F.E.A.R.! This dynamic edition is stylized as an interactive graphic novel. Your choices guide you towards new villains, super dilemmas, and ultimately, the Titanium Cyborg himself!


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Appointment With F.E.A.R. release date for PC August 27, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Appointment With F.E.A.R. was released on PC 915d ago in the US and the UK.
August 27, 2014Confirmed
August 27, 2014Confirmed
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