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America's Badlands Season 1

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America's Badlands is set in the heart of the American Midwest where lush grasslands seem torn open by towering multicolored pinnacles of rock. It's a place where summers of blistering heat follow winters of bitter cold, and where an assortment of charismatic animals – the American bison, the black-tailed prairie dog and the burrowing owl – all live. The story follows life in a prairie-dog townthrough the seasons as badgers, golden eagles and coyotes threaten a new generation of pups. Exposed on the plains, these creatures must be on constant guard from myriad threats, both predatory and environmental, that lurk in the grasslands of America's great wilderness.

America's Badlands Season 1 release date for Smithonian December 20, 2017 2 Years Ago (US)
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America's Badlands Season 1 was released on Smithonian 770d ago in the US.
December 20, 2017Confirmed
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