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American Monster Season 1

TV Series Season
  • Investigation Discovery

If you looked into the eyes of a killer, would you know? In AMERICAN MONSTER, you find out. For the first time, viewers get closer than ever to some of America's most shocking and surprising crimes. Filled with never-before-seen footage of these devils in disguise, from home movie shots of them playing with their kids to musical performances at high school, from the church cook-out to the wedding video, AMERICAN MONSTER interweaves twisting-turning stories of astonishing crimes, with 'behind-the-scenes' footage of killers at their seemingly most innocent.


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American Monster Season 1 release date for Investigation Discovery June 1, 2016 9 Months Ago

Release Dates

American Monster Season 1 was released on Investigation Discovery 271d ago in the US.
Investigation Discovery
June 1, 2016Confirmed
Investigation Discovery
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