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All Quiet on the Martian Front Release Date

The boardgame All Quiet on the Martian Front is already released on Standard in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
October 2014Confirmed
October 2014Confirmed
All Quiet on the Martian Front cover art
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All Quiet on the Martian Front


In All Quiet on the Martian Front Mankind is fighting for survival: upon the steppes of Russia, across the sands of Egypt, amongst the foothills of the Himalayas, but nowhere more fiercely than in the United States of America. Our game puts you in command of the embattled armies of humanity or their implacable adversaries the Martian invaders. These opposing forces are represented by models of alien Tripod war machines armed with heat rays, black dust, and green mist, and Martian Made Human Zombie Slaves on one side versus all the tanks, infantry, artillery and other weaponry that humanity can muster on the other. Your model armies clash over a tabletop turned into a battlefield by the addition of model terrain, fortifications, and alien constructions from mysterious Cylinders to towering fortifications.

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