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Alfa Romeo 75 V6/3.0 V6 Release Date

The classic car Alfa Romeo 75 V6/3.0 V6 upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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Alfa Romeo 75 V6/3.0 V6 cover art

Alfa Romeo 75 V6/3.0 V6

Classic Car

Launched on Alfa Romeo’s 75th anniversary, the 75 was a mixture of Giulietta and Alfa 90. Alfa engineered the car to use a transaxle and this gave it almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution. That, coupled with the melodic V6 engine, made the 75 one of the most desirable sporting saloons of the 1980s. The styling was done in-house, following on from the Alfa 33, which had a similar square headlamp and grille arrangement. The 75 also came with a reasonable amount of equipment as standard, but power steering was extra.

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